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My first "speed paint" upload. Enjoy!
Super Killer Wail Gun by chainchomp7

Art Academy: Home Studio allows uploading a recording of a drawing up to 4 minutes max, with music from the game provided to choose from. There are a couple skip transitions, so you won't really see the full actual progress. But you'll see most of what I did and how I drew the drawing. :D
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FireAlpaca User Stamp (Small) by MarcellenNeppel Requests - On Hold by SweetDuke Collaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke No Point Commissions by SweetDuke
I'm just another average artist who spends too much of his free-time drawing. Well, it was like that before. Welcome to a very inactive page. I hope you like the occasional art that is posted here sometimes.

Nintendo Miiverse Posts…

Current Residence: Blazeton
Favourite style of art: Cartoony
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
MP3 player of choice: New Nintendo 3DS
Shell of choice: Green Shell
Skin of choice: Gray/White Fluffy Fur
Favourite cartoon character: Waluigi?
Personal Quote: "There's so much stuff to see in life!"…

Mario Kart 8 Highlight Reels YouTube


Nintendo Switch Nano Papercraft
We're so close to the launch of the Nintendo Switch! It's so close, that I can almost feel it...

Well, I guess somewhat. I couldn't help myself from the elusive hype! I decided to shrink down a Nintendo Switch papercraft model to make a mini/micro/nano version so the model so it could easily be displayed somewhere. And it works so well as a miniature. It's so cute! :la:

I had added the kickstand/Nintendo Switch logo on the back myself for the papercraft, using references of what the system looks like. I also had made the pattern for the Nintendo Switch Dock myself, using a frontal picture of the Dock, then figuring out the other angles based on other reference pics. It isn't part of the original big Nintendo Switch papercraft I shrunk down. It's interesting trying to figure out myself how the dock would look myself. I guess that makes it a bit more original. :shrug: (Still gotta give credit where credit is due)

Kinda wish I could make the Switch Dog (Joy-Con Grip) controller too. But that seems like it'd be even tougher to do, so this'll have to do. :dummy:

Dockable. Kickstandable. Removable Joy-Cons. Can't play games on it though. (pseudo-playing with that Breath of the Wild screenshot though on my mini-TV/iPhone. XD) Still nice to play around with the switching versatility of the console. Such elegant engineering compared to the other consoles. It's so very... "Non-Nintendo." In a good way, of course.

I'm probably going to not be posting the pattern for it. It'll probably have to be like the case with the N-Zap '83 Nintendo Zapper papercraft that I made. That one was also a pattern someone else already made, not my own. I did re-color it myself though.

Miiverse post drawn by me - chainchomp7 on Miiverse.
Papercraft printed and finished February 25, 2017.
This image's preview is in 720p. Original size is in 1080p.

Original Papercraft Pattern created by Muumin.
Source for Nintendo Switch papercraft. Note: The papercraft isn't quite 1:1 with the real system.
Various Nintendo IPs (Mii, amiibo, Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing), Consoles (New 3DS, NES, Switch...) © Nintendo.
Art and Pictures taken by me :iconchainchomp7:
J-Dawg the Wolf

Aye yo dawg! :star:

Anthro Wolf Jenz (December 19, 2014)
Wolf Jenz J-Dawg Character Sheet (July 30, 2015)
Dang, I could have posted it on the 19th! Oh well, I don't think I had been done yet...
I wanted to try out another full-body drawing of my fursona, instead of always just cutting off at the legs or neckerchief. When looking for references for anthro characters, it's so dang hard to find a decent full-bod reference. A lot of 'em just cut off at the waist area, completely ignoring the legs. I don't know if that's just lazy, lolol.

Shading is a pain too. I had a friend kind of help me out with how it should look. I feel like I'm slowly improving. These furry anthro things are still kind of a pain to draw, like humans... well, anything humanoid. But I like the style. I kinda wish I was more consistent with drawing anthro stuff. Oh well, I guess I just gotta practice practice practice~ :dummy:

I need someone to better teach me with this kind of art. :v
Drawn in: FireAlpaca [27 Layers]
Full Size Download: 1500x3000 pixels
J-Dawg and Art by me :iconchainchomp7:
Art Academy Home Studio - J-Lycandawg

Note: Drawn on Wii U GamePad (Art Academy™: Home Studio)
Miiverse Directlink:…

YouTube Art Academy Recording:…
Costume drawing scan: **Not yet posted**

Happy Halloween! It's finally time for the spookiest time of the year! WooOoOOoo... . . .
I decided to make an Art Academy version of one of the costume drawings I've made in my Art Journal. Among the sketches, one of them is my costumed "fursona." Ah, it's been quite a while since I've made a nearly full-body drawing of him. Ah yes...

1. J-Dawg's full standard design reference sheet from 2015. Note, his name is now J-Dawg instead of Wolf Jenz.
2. Reference to the costume design inspiration... Lycanroc in Pokémon Moon; Midnight Form evolution of Rockruff!

Makes me wonder how this would actually work out with anthros. I guess I'd dye my fur red or maroon and white, hair dyed as well, and also have additional complementary accessories like Lycanroc paws or chest tuft, and... whatever those things that go around Lycanoc's back.

It'd be kinda strange if it was another sort of fur suit... on something that already has fur, or making it look a lot bigger than his structure. I dont know. I've never worn fursuits, but I know how big they can already be on humans... :v (At least my fur pattern won't have too much alterations other than color. And maybe it can be showered off afterwards. I'm thinking about this too much, Aahahaha...!)

I hope you like it. And have a safe time gaining treats or partying this Halloween Night. Or work/homework/sleep. Whatever works! :dummy:

***I haven't posted this yet on Miiverse, or uploaded the YouTube Recording. I'll do it when I get home.***
**I might post the page I made my colored pencil costume doodles later as well. Either as a new post (Sketches folder) or as Scraps.**

Time (According to Art Academy): 3 hours, 26 minutes (6+ hours overall)
Digital Mixed Media: Pencils, Colored Pencils, and Pastels
Full Size Download: 1920x1080 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)

Pokémon series (Lycanroc, background Rowlet) © Game Freak/Creatures/Nintendo
J-Dawg and Art by me :iconchainchomp7:
Art Academy Home Studio - Papelectrodrome

Note: Drawn on Wii U GamePad (Art Academy™: Home Studio)
Miiverse Directlink:…

YouTube Art Academy Recording:…

Paper Mario: Color Splash is here! It's time for adventure!
As a Koopaling, it's time to against that dastardly Mario... Or is it?

I support I'm an Anti-Koopa. Hee ha ha! It's time to face off against DJ Larry!
Is this a Dance Battle?! (This doesn't quite appear in Color Splash. Just more artistic imagination. Hehe... ;b)

Also, despite having paints, this drawing does not use any paints. :dummy:

Time (According to Art Academy): TBD hours

Digital Mixed Media: Pencils, Colored Pencils, Pastels, and Charcoal

Paper Mario series, Larry, Mario Kart Electrodrome, Rosalina's Comet Observatory, LoZ Morth, (hidden) Inkling Squid © Nintendo
Koopaling Jenzy and art by me :iconchainchomp7:

Art Academy Home Studio - Medli

Note: Drawn on Wii U GamePad (Art Academy™: Home Studio)
Miiverse Directlink:…

YouTube Art Academy Recording:…

I wanted to make a Wind Waker HD drawing/fan art after I was close to completing the game. And I thought of making one of Medli, my favorite character of the entire game! She's so adorable!!

I gave her a more humanoid style in this drawing. This is actually the second attempt. You can see the first in the comments section of my Miiverse post (which the Link is right near the top!)

The 2nd try was definitely worth it. I wasn't really feeling all that great with the first version. I'm getting a bit more critical with what I draw...

Anyway, I think by the upcoming Friday, from when this was posted, there will be a fun paper-y surprise coming up. It's another Art Academy drawing, so it's not actually papercraft. I don't know who reads these descriptions, but I wanted to put that vague hint of the next drawing anyway. :dummy:

Feel free to check out my Miiverse profile here. I would really appreciate the support!…

Time (According to Art Academy): About 2 hours, 58 minutes
Digital Mixed Media: Pencils, Colored Pencils, Pastels, and Paints

The Legend of Zelda/Medli © Nintendo
Art by me :iconchainchomp7:


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